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Hello fellow ASIS members. Linda Hardwick here with information about our Teddy Bear event.  Our chapter is on its way to creating smiles for 1000 children across the Houston area.  Each year we purchase and distribute 1000 teddy bears to children that are in several Houston hospitals.  We already have commitments of $200 from Darin Dillon, $200 from Michael King and I have committed $200 as well.  We are looking for others to continue our efforts.  No amount is too small, as together we can all make a big difference for these children.  We are also looking for those who can volunteer on the day of the event.  I am still working on nailing down the final date – and will update this information and make announcements at our regular meetings once confirmed.

I participated in this event last year for the first time and I cannot express how rewarding it was to be involved in a project like this. Not only can you see the faces of these children light up, but there almost always parents in the room with their children and perhaps their response is the most touching.  I am sure we can all imagine how difficult it must be for these mothers, fathers and grandparents to see their little ones hospitalized.  They openly share their gratitude and appreciation. 

Our goal this year is to distribute 1,000 bears – so we need your help. DONATE or VOLUNTEER and you can then be a part of something that will touch thousands of lives.  How often do we get that kind of opportunity?   You will impact not only the lives of the children and their families, but the staff members at the hospitals are so thankful and you are also a living example to others of serving others.

Donations can be made online via the ASIS Houston Chapter website or you can donate funds at our monthly meetings. If you would like to volunteer or have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at or 713-292-4332 or linda.hardwick@boonedam.com

Lastly – I would like to give Darin Dillon all credit for this incredible event. I am merely the person who is leading the event this year, but Darin is the person who created this event – I am just here to keep his idea going.

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